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DANR to Host True Empowerment Forum & Reception in Puerto Rico, November 12, 2016

Washington, DC.– The Dominican American National Roundtable (DANR) and the National Dominican American Council (NDAC) will host a True Empowerment Forum in Puerto Rico. The plenary forum, entitled, Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Attain True Empowerment, will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Saturday, November 12, 2016. Forum will be free and open to the general public. RSVP is [Click here for more]

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Statement regarding Congressman Rangel’s Reaction to a Dominican Leading Primary Election Results in CD 13 in NYC

Dr. Maria Teresa Montilla What Charlie Rangel Really Said About the Race in the NY 13th Congressional District By Maria Teresa Montilla Former President of The Dominican American National Roundtable Source: www.reportedehoy.com A transcendental historic milestone for Dominicans in the United States arrived, but they’re prevented (and suppressed) from celebrating it. The election (in the [Click here for more]

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Hay hambre in the Bronx There is hunger in the Bronx

  Published by El Reporte de Hoy. Available online via www.reportedehoy.com   Dear Editor of Today’s Report: Very early on the morning of Saturday, May 28, 2016, my friend and colleague at the Dominican American National Roundtable Pastor Alejandro Benjamin, invited me to join him and a group of volunteers to a food pantry at the Beth-El Temple in South Bronx. Upon arriving there, I [Click here for more]

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Los Gavilleros y Remembranzas

Disertaciones Sobre Centenario Ocupación Norteamericana de República Dominicana Destacan Datos Pocos Conocidos

 “La Historia Dominicana Está Retorcida”.  José C. Novas, historiador. Washington, DC.– En conmemoración del centenario de la primera ocupación norteamericana de la República Dominicana en el 1916, el Departamento de Estudios Latino Americanos y Puertorriqueños de Lehman College y La Mesa Redonda Nacional Dominico Americana (DANR) presentaron una conferencia en Lehman [Click here for more]

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