Dominican American National Roundtable (DANR), Community Leaders Call on U.S. Dept. of Justice to Step in, in the 13th Congressional District Election

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Leaders also Announce a Free Voter Hotline to Document Voter Suppression

Number to call: 1-888-240-1494

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Washington, DC(July 1, 2012) – Today, the Dominican American National Roundtable (DANR) and community leaders called on the United States Department of Justice to step in, in the 13th Congressional District election. They also announced the establishment of a hotline where voters can call-in and register complaints about potential voter suppression.


“As a national organization that closely monitors public affairs in the Latino community, in general, and the Dominican Community, in particular, we have witnessed disturbing allegations of voter suppression and lack of transparency in the 13th Congressional District election,” said Dr. Maria Teresa Montilla, President of the Dominican American National Roundtable (DANR). “We are calling on the United States Department of Justice to take immediate action to monitor the Board of Elections’ proceedings and resolve issues that threaten the constitutionally guaranteed voting rights of all Americans. We are also appealing to any voters who encountered any barriers to the ballot box, including misinformation and lack of interpretation services, to call-in to a voter hotline we have established and help us document voter suppression complaints.”


Long-time community leader Rosita Romero said the following: “In light of the complaints voiced by many members of our community regarding irregularities in the voting process at polling sites in the 13th Congressional District this past Tuesday, it is necessary to raise our voices to denounce what appears to be a denial of the right to vote to our community members. The situations described by many voters – being told that their names did not appear on the rosters, being denied the right to vote by affidavit, witnessing affidavit ballots not kept in a secure place for safe delivery to the Board of Elections – are unacceptable anywhere, and particularly in New York City whose government and elected officials pride themselves of defending democratic values.”


Fernando Mateo, President of Hispanics Across American and the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers, called for full transparency in counting every single vote cast in the 13th Congressional District election. “Regardless of whom one supports in an election, every American must know that their vote was counted. We are calling for complete transparency in the vote counting process and the protection of the integrity of our democratic system. In the end, this is not about who wins or loses an election; it’s about preserving our democracy.”


Leaders encouraged voters who faced potential disenfranchisement to call-in to the hotline established. The Voter Protection Hotline can be reached at 1888-240-1494. The letter to the Justice Department is attached. Letter to Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.

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