DANR Urges FCC to Vote yes for net neutrality to guarantee equal access to all online content

Washington, DC (February 25, 2015).—The Dominican American National Roundtable urges the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to vote in favor of Title II, which, if adopted, will regulate the Internet as a public utility to guarantee equal access to all online content.


The FCC commissioners will convene in Room TW-C305, 445 12th Street S.W., Washington, DC tomorrow Thursday, February 26th from 9:3am to 11:30am EST to vote on approving the 332-page Internet regulation plan. The meeting is open to the general public and its live webcast can be watched via the following link: http://www.fcc.gov/live

“On behalf of our Board of Directors I rise to say that the Dominican American National Roundtable stands firmly with the millions of people who stand in support of equal access and open Internet for everybody,” said Francesca Pena, DANR President. “We urge the FCC Commissioners to uphold proposed net neutrality rules to guarantee full government protection of consumers, freedom of choice online and provision of new standards to guarantee equal access to all online content.”

“The plan is deemed as the most significant Internet regulation in the history of the United States,” observed Nestor Montilla, DANR Chairman.  “Just imagine what’s going to happen if our government leaves the Internet unregulated: corporations and Internet service providers will reign supreme in controlling it with no regulations whatsoever; they will block or allow content at will; they will charge lots of money to consumers for access to content; only consumers who can afford it will be able to buy access to fastest links to the Internet; those who can’t, will be relegated to slow connection.”

“It’s time to enact net neutrality.”

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