Franklin Ventura, Youth Vice President

Ventura is a new generation holistic leader cherished for his compassion & commitment to serve


Franklin Ventura’s family migrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic when he was a teenager. They settled in Newark, NJ, where Mr. Ventura attended public schools and graduated from Barringer High School. Subsequently, he earned an Associate’s Degree from Essex County College, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with concentration in political science from New Jersey City University.

Through college and to the present time, Mr. Ventura seized several opportunities to be trained as a holistic leader to serve his community as his main purpose. He has been involved in several community-based organizions and projects uplifting local, state-wide and national diverse communities. Some include:

  • Graduating from a labor-intense and rigorous year-round Next Generation Leadership Internship Program in Washington, D.C. where he learned about how government works, including policy formulation and implementation
  • Undertaking Standards of Conduct and highly sensitive trainings to earn several level official certifications from the federal government as an IRS VITA/TCE trainee to service the community as a tax return preparer certified to prepare taxes and perform quality reviews of returns.
  • Co-founding a Student Association at Essex County College.
  • Elected unanimously as Youth Vice-President of the Dominican American National Roundtable, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, DC, dedicated to the advancement of its members and U.S. diverse communities.
  • Active long-term volunteer in the coordination of statewide and national leadership conferences about youth and community empowerment spearheaded by the Institute for Latino Studies, Research & Development, the Latino
    Leadership Alliance of New Jersey and other national advocacy organizations
  • Frequent panelist at conferences and forums about youth leadership development
  • Recipient of numerous awards and acknowledgements, including: a $5,000 Grant for business plan development from United Way (2016), the Build Your Dream Entrepreneurship Award from New Jersey City University (2015), third place finish in NJCU Non-Profit Organization Business Plan (2015), the Business Development of the Year Award (2014), the Essex County College Outstanding Student Award (2013), the Newark Mayoral Award for Dedication and Community Support (2010), and participation in Essex County Prosecutor’s Mentoring Program (2004).

He is currently the Marketing Sales Director at ‘Easybook911’, where he designs, implements and oversees marketing and distribution. The initiative aims at providing students affordable textbooks and materials useful to fulfilling their college degree requirements.

Mr. Ventura is today an open minded self-confident hands-on educated young man who has become an effective persuasive holistic leader committed to the advancement of his community. He is diplomatic and tactful and strongly believes in the power of working together to produce better results.