The Dominican American National Roundtable’s Redistricting Project (DA-R) is a national initiative seeking to engage and educate Dominican, Latino and minority communities in the United States in the Redistricting-Appropriation Process with the objective of achieving adequate representation – “one person-one vote” and to guarantee a fair and just re-districting process.

Following are DANR proposed maps submitted to legislatures and redistricting commissions in various states, including New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts:

DANR’s Proposed Maps for New York State Senate Districts 31st & 33rd

DANR proposed NYS Assembly District 72

DANR proposed maps for CD 14, 15 and 16 in New York State



Background articles and testimonies:

DANR Files Legal Objection to Court’s Proposed Redistricting Plan

Nestor and Maria Teresa Montilla and Adriano Espaillat accompanied by Maria Luna, Ydanis Rodriguez and a couple from Washington Heights posing for a photo in front of the US District Court in Brooklyn, NY, after testifying before a there-judge panel regarding a more inclusive congressional map proposal to empower the diverse communities of northern Manhattan and the Bronx.





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