NDAC Bylaws

ARTICLE I Legal Provisions

Section 1—Name: National Dominican-American Council (NDAC) shall be the official name of this corporation and the one under which all business and activities of the constituted body shall be carried out. The acronym NDAC, which reflects the abbreviated title of the organization, may be used in lieu of the full name of the corporation, in any, and all instances where it is appropriate.

Section 2—Legal Status: The National Dominican American Council shall be incorporated and chartered under the Federal laws of the United States of America, and the laws of each of the states in which it operates as a civic and non-profit organization.

Section 3—Composition: The National Dominican American Council shall be made up of member councils and affiliate councils which shall be chartered by the National Board of Directors under as set forth in this Constitution.

ARTICLE II Philosophy 

Section 1—Vision Statement: The vision and philosophy of NDAC is that concerted research, education, and advocacy afford Dominican Americans, and the citizenry in general possibilities for empowerment, progress, and the opportunity to advance their socio-economic, political interests, and aspirations in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America. The ambition of NDAC is to foster national and local leadership in our diverse communities.

Section 2—Mission Statement: NDAC’s mission is to research, educate and advocate for the social, economic and political empowerment of its members, and of Dominicans in the United States of America.

Section 3—NDAC shall be made up of member councils and affiliate councils. Council shall be legally chartered in their local governments and shall function under the authority and direction of NDAC National Board of Directors, in accordance to NDAC’s articles of incorporation, by-laws, and state and federal laws as applicable.

Section 4—Membership Pin: NDAC Pin shall be an exact replica of the logo or shield made of porcelain or other appropriate material. The Pin may be worn as a lapel pin, tie clasp, or tie tack by men, as a pendant or bracelet charm by women.

Section 5—Colors: The colors of the NDAC shall be red, white and blue, symbolizing the virtues of courage, purity of thought, and faith in the justice of God and man.



All persons who are residents of the United States of America, or citizens of the United States residing abroad, and are eighteen years of age or older, are eligible for membership in NDAC. Membership in the NDAC may be affected through individually initiated application to NDAC or to a local council, by the recommendation of a member in good standing, or in the case of certain types of membership, as stipulated in Section 1 of Article III of this Constitution. There are seven (7) types of membership: